Wednesday, February 4, 2009

New Comm. Tech. Blog Post One

As communication technologies become widely available to the masses the immediate effect is a shrinking of perceived distances on the planet.

One hundred years ago telephones were first becoming popular and common. Even then though, a call could not be made from Whitewater, WI and connected with someone in Tokyo. For long range messages, the telegraph was still the predominant message transmitter.

Over the years telephones became cheaper and millions more lines of cable were laid to connect all the telephones on the planet.

Now we can go one step further. Not only can we call anyone on the planet we'd like, we can also see them on the computer with the use of webcams. Businesses men and women no longer need to fly to meetings with clients, they need only connect to the internet and turn on their web cam.

It'll be interesting to see where new communication technologies take us in the future. Perhaps live hologram images are next?

Monday, February 2, 2009

A dream is a dream

Last night I had an interesting dream. I don't remember much about it other than I was in some dark, dank and dilapidated building in which there was some kid who had been kept there his entire life. Maybe he was a ghost, I'm not really sure. I experienced the same reality and events in the dream twice. Both times I was with a handful of people, at least one of whom was a police officer, and we'd hear this god-awful tormented shriek and we'd go in search of it. We knew it was this boy/ghost. I wasn't afraid rather concerned.

Mike Cameron was in the dream as well. Except the part of the dream that he kept on showing up in was not in that run down building but in front of the Regent Appartments here in Whitewater.

Dreams are interesting. Really interesting.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Last night I bowled the best game I've ever had. 143. I know that's just hitting .476 but it was awesome. I used to not bowl much at all but over the last six months I've been getting quite a bit better. It's fun. I draw my inspiration from San Antonio Spurs forward/center Tim Duncan. Whenever he's up there making a free throw he's always so intent, focused and seeing himself making that shot. I take a couple of seconds longer than most people when I'm standing up there getting reading to make that bowl. I see the pins, I see myself making the shot, I start moving and it flys down the runway. BAM! strike


Sunday, January 25, 2009

Expect the Miraculous with the Brew Crew

Yesterday, I attended the Brewers On Deck event in Milwaukee held at the Midwest Express Center. I went there wanting to get a photo I have signed by J.J. Hardy, but with only 250 vouchers available per player/coach it was not assured that I'd get the autograph.
My cousin and I got there about an hour and a half before they opened the doors to the center but fortunately we were able to wait in line inside. The line quickly started heading way way way back behind us then proceeded to snake around next to us.
We had heard that there were other such lines and that everyone would be allowed in at the same time. That was a bit of hope because we were maybe only like 150 people away from the beginning of the line.
When the event finally began we ascended the escalator and quickly made our way inside the convention center and b-lined right over to stage two where Hardy would be signing autographs.
My cousin and I were about 75 people or so back from the beginning of the line so at that point I began to realize, Hey, yeah, this is really going to work! The staging area was set up similar to an airport ticket counter with lines guided around and around by barriers. We were on the first row and about 6 feet away from the wall.
It was about 10:30 in the morning and we still had another hour before Hardy would begin signing autographs. On the other side of the stage area that we were on was another stage where all-star slugger Ryan Braun would be signing autographs at 11 am.
Around 10:55 I knelt down to find something in my jacket on the floor. Not expecting what I was about to see, I looked and made eye contact with a passing-by Ryan Braun. In dumb-founded amazement I said,
"Holy shit it's Ryan Braun"
"Hey whats up man?," he acknowledged
"Not too much man," I said
Half an hour after that Hardy passed by, this time it was expected. About ten minutes after that we were getting ready to climb the small stage to get our autographs. Now the autograph vouchers each cost $10 and only one was available per fan who made it into that blessed 250.
My cousin, Jon, was impartial to the autograph and even suggested that he get out of line and give it to someone else. Instead I figured I could use the opportunity to get two things autographed. I told Jon to get my photo signed and I'll have the shortstop sign my jersey which I was taking off my back.
So there we stood, Jon handed Hardy my photo which he signed then I was up. I went up to him and said,
"Hey buddy, can I get you to sign it right here?" Pointing at the spine of the number seven on the back of the jersey.
"Sure" he said.
As he's signing it I said to him, "So man, is it going to be the Cardinal's offense or Pittsburg's 'D' that'll take the Super Bowl next week?"
With a grin he replied, "Oh man Cardinal's all the way. I'm from Arizona so you know how it goes."
"Yeah man," I said. "I know, that's great, I want them to win too. Thanks." I descended the stage in blissful manifestation into a sea of faces and flashing cameras.
This is ancient wisdom applied to modern circumstances. In a totally non-religious way, look at what is written in the gospel of Mark, verse 11:23. In it Jesus says, "I tell you the truth, you can say to this mountain, ‘May you be lifted up and thrown into the sea,’ and it will happen. But you must really believe it will happen and have no doubt in your heart."
About a week before the event, I became confident in the knowing that I'd be able to get Hardy's autograph despite there being only 250 vouchers available and in upwards of at least over 5000 people due to attend.
What I wasn't expecting that day were the two bonuses that I got. Speaking to Braun was a bonus and then to get not just one but two things signed was also a bonus.
I am at a point where I just can't doubt anything that I put my mind to. Seeing this amazing power at work in my life, manifesting these amazing experiences has left me in the full knowing that absolutely nothing is impossible.
"He that loveth pureness of heart, For the grace of his lips the king will be his friend."
-Proverbs 22:11

Thursday, January 22, 2009

The Brewers are wrapping up talks with first baseman Prince Fielder on a two year, $18 million deal. A detailed account of the Brewers' deal with Fielder will be released within the next 24 hours. It could be released at "Bob Uecker's Winter Warm-Up," which will be held Friday evening in downtown Milwaukee.

Fielder's contract will cover the first two of three arbitration seasons he is eligible for. The vegetarian slugger must pass a physical before the contract will be enacted.

Last season, Fielder hit .276 with 34 home runs and 102 RBI, which followed his career 2007 season. He had 50 home runs and 119 RBI in 2007. Barring any injuries, Fielder's 2008 statistical season can be expected from the third-year Brewer.

Recent players offered arbitration-avoiding deals include shortstop JJ Hardy and pitcher Dave Bush. Hardy was offered a one year, $4.65 million deal. He hit .283 with 24 home runs during the historic 2008 season. Bush had a 4.18 ERA in 31 games last season, of which he earned 16 quality starts.

Arbitration-eligible players remaining include pitcher Seth McClung, right fielder Corey Hart, and second baseman Rickie Weeks.

Monday, December 8, 2008

Bucks Defeat Team Struggling With Mediocrity

The Milwaukee Bucks beat the Charlotte Bobcat’s tonight in a 101-96 win moving their standings to 9-12 as the Bobcats sink to 7-12. For a team that has been plagued by injuries since the beginning of the season this is a much needed victory.

“You can see that the lineup has changed throughout the course of the year based on the injuries and as we get these guys back we’re getting a little momentum,” Assistant Coach Joe Wolf said.

The Bucks should be glad that 7-footer center Andrew Bogut’s migraine was the only injury going into tonight’s game. With a total of 33:59 of playing time and 10 points, the Australian’s migraine seemed not to have affected his game. Bogut was drafted in 2005 and is the first Australian to be drafted first overall.

On the flip side of ailments is the mediocrity which has shrouded the Charlotte Bobcat’s for the past five years of the franchise’s existence. The ingredients for this recipe of mediocrity are unconventional.

Ask many people if Michael Jordan and basketball equals failure and they will no doubt tell you no. Yet this is exactly what is happening to the former superstar’s team. Jordan, whose Bobcat position is “managing member of basketball operations,” joined the team in June 2006 with a minority ownership stake and the role of ├╝ber-general manager according to a Sports Illustrated reporter.

Jordan, who primarily manages the team from his home in Chicago, excels in absentee-style managing.

“Michael doesn’t come to many practices,” Bobcat’s head coach Larry Brown told a media source. “And I think it means something to the guys when he does.”

It may not only be Jordan’s absence that is affecting the Bobcats. Brown may need to be reminded that from the book of Proverbs one can read that a kind answer turns away anger. Perhaps too it encourages winning, as evidenced by the phenomenal turnaround of the 2005 Tampa Bay Devil Rays (67-95) after that year’s departure of head coach Lou Piniella. Current head coach Joe Maddon led his renamed Tampa Bay Rays to the World Series this year with positive upbeat sayings and his now famous equation, 9=8.

“Coach doesn’t like telling you something twice,” 6-foot guard D.J. Augustin told a media source. “And he likes it less and less the more he has to tell you.”

Bucks rookie Joe Alexander had 6:47 of playing time and brought in two points and had one blocked shot. Alexander, who was born in Kaohsiung, Taiwan, was the eighth overall draft pick for the Milwaukee Bucks in 2008.

“He’s working hard every day and I think he’s learning the NBA game,” Wolf said of Alexander. “But that’s going to take time and patience is going to be a big key.”

Forward Charlie Villanueva connected on 25 consecutive free throws dating back to the Nov. 21 game against the New York Knicks which the Bucks won 104-87. Villanueva’s streak unfortunately came to an end tonight after going 1-2 on free throw attempts. The free throw was not Villanueva’s only contribution to the Buck’s win as he brought in a total of 8 points over 19:00 of playing time.

“Our first half was a little bit sloppy but we picked up and had a big win today and that’s what matters,” Villanueva said.

With cellar-dwelling standings, much work has yet to be done before either of these teams can be seen as real playoff contenders.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Whitewater's Win-Streak Ends in Sobering Defeat

Homecoming fans left solemnly from Perkin’s Stadium Saturday following a 17-16 loss to University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point. Point’s offense brought in the win with a touchdown followed by a two-point conversion.
Whitewater scored a touchdown on a 33-yard pass from Jeff Donovan to wide receiver Aaron Rusch with 13:02 left in the first quarter. Rusch made UW-Whitewater player of the week. Stevens Point answered several minutes later with a 20-yard field goal by kicker Ryan Graboski bringing the score to 3-6 Whitewater. With 4:02 left in the first quarter Graboski evened the score with a 43-yard field goal.
Paul Wick, also UW-W player of the week, picked off a pass by Jared Beckwith and returned it to Stevens Point’s 49-yard line. Freshman running back Levell Coppage scored on a 35-yard run and was followed by a one-point conversion by UW-W kicker Jeff Schebler with 7:10 left in the second quarter taking Whitewater to 6-13. This would be the last score of the half.
Graboski once again shined at 12:58 in the fourth quarter with a 22-yard field goal on five plays and 38-yards to bring Stevens Point within four points of Whitewater. With less than five minutes remaining on the clock, Schebler scored on a 19-yard field goal attempt taking Point’s tantalizingly close hope further from them.
Fate would prove to be on Point’s side when, with less than fifteen seconds on the clock, quarterback Jared Beckwith passed to receiver Jared Jenkins for a touchdown. UW-SP brought in another two points with a diving catch by Jenkins on a conversion wining the game at 17-16.
The loss to Stevens Point ended UW-W’s Wisconsin Intercollegiate Athletic Conference 25 game win-streak and their WIAC home field win-streak of 27 games.
Whitewater’s last two homecoming losses have come at the hands of Stevens Point; the last loss being in 2004 with a 15-12 score.
Whitewater will host UW-Eau Claire Saturday, Nov. 1 at 12 p.m. in Perkins Stadium. UW-W is 6-1 and 4-1 in the WIAC and will end their home field schedule against UW-Stout the following week.